Batley Wilton Park

by Safiyyah Patel

Oh park, oh park! What joy you bring

Making beautiful birds tweet and merrily sing.

Delighted children, happy and screaming

Whilst the scorching sun is blissfully beaming.

The luscious green grass

Is always first class.

The super swings are always great,

This means of course, queues are made.

Slide down the slippery slide

Stretch your arms out nice and wide.

Oh the breathtaking roundabout

Makes your day worth, being out and about!

Stunning swans glide effortlessly through the shiny pond

Talk to them and see if they respond.

The vibrant ice-cream-van always has a nice treat

To devour, in the blistering heat.

Open all day is my favourite Batley Park

So enjoy the day until it gets dark.

Why not try it and clear any doubt

A wonderful place for a wonderful day out.

Year: 8 Batley Girls High School

(Taken from Batley Blooms)

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