Batley Food Bank

by Mohamed Saloo

Beyond the back of Square’s town hall
Lies a vault of precious haul
A bank that deals not in silver nor gold
But a commodity priceless from times of old
A chamber filled, by goodwill dudes
A priceless stash of treasured food

I speak not of those centuries gone
But ask this day, of what we have done
In earnest, this town in gratitude thanks
The helping hands of Batley Food Bank

But do not yield your ears just yet
Sadly in fear, I must regret
For whilst these heroes soldier on
The lot of the bank has already gone

A need exists for gifts not rich
Donations are needed to rest this itch
Of food stuff simple, easy and near
The plea for aid is far too clear

Basic toiletries, tins of meat
And long life milk is what they seek
For desperate neighbours who struggle to feed
Who watch their children hungry in need
What value can find the face of a child
Whose hunger once met, is followed by a smile

Let us shed what was; write off whose fault
Instead, let’s gather and fill that vault
Let’s pile it high ‘til the doors won’t shut
And help to end this common day rut

So bring forth your tins, your cartons, your packs
March to the stores and bring carriers back
Let trolleys be filled, kindness take flight
Supermarket doorways struggle with height

In closing, I add, to the food bank few
Batley is proud, to stand by you!

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