Another Year

by David Honeybell

It’s New Year’s Day, and true to say, the whole world is full of hope,
everyone thinking of the year ahead, and how we’re going to cope.
We know there’ll be for each of us, events, some good some bad,
but we can’t change the future, will we be happy or will we be sad.

Soon the springtime will brings Easter, a time to make a new start,
our Risen Lord feeds the soul, chocolate eggs clog up the heart.
And as we reach our next birthday, another milestone to be passed
though we’re another year older, we’ll make it better than the last.

Before we can blink it’s once again Christmas, a gift for all to buy
but just as quick it’s all over, in the twinkling of an eye.
Round the corner is New Year’s eve, and we’re back to the beginning
as we reach midnight without a fight, everyone will be happily singing.

Another year has been and gone, the seasons the weather changing
from the cold days of winter, to the hot days of summer ranging.
Our lives are lived like an auction lot, the bidders making the calls
but we never know the price we’ll pay, until the hammer falls

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