Run For Jo

by Mohamed Saloo

Climb to the attic, dust off the chest
Rummage to find my old running vest
Dig down further, I know I’ll find
My canvas Dunlops from ’89

It’s time to get ready, the race is soon
Calendars be circled for the 25th of June

Touching toes, sit-up and squat
One of each – that’s my sorry lot
A stroll downstairs, with ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’
This exercise lark is an ache too far

But this is a course to run against hate
To share what’s common and to celebrate
When Batley and further, will unite and run
With three races set to please everyone

A short family trail, a cross country test
And mascots will challenge to see who’s best
So be inspired, straighten up! Stand tall!
Register to run from Oakwell Hall

Along country park paths beneath glorious trees
Smiles on the faces of everyone you see
Do tell and share, let everyone know
We’ve much more in common, so let’s Run For Jo.

One Reply to “Run For Jo”

  1. That’s great, but it would be better still with only one ‘s’ in canvas, and no apostrophe in ‘Dunlops’. Sorry to be pedantic, but youngsters are watching, and may learn what they shouldn’t!

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