Exam Room

by Tahera Mayat

You can cut the tension with a knife

Exams are often a big part of life

But fear not as invigilators are on hand

So don’t panic or bury your head in the sand!


Exam conditions means there’s amplified sound

Pages turning, coughing and feet tapping on the ground

Even the whispering between an invigilator and student

Seems so loud you hear more than you want


As the exam progresses, then comes the warning

10 or 15 minutes left; the end is looming

Trying to be patient but wanting to leap

For the door to head home and sleep


But you can’t stop thinking about it all

To dissect or not by giving someone a call

Or to forget about it and try to move on instead

Read a book, sleep…anything to get it out of your head!

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