The Heart of Community

by Tahera Mayat

What makes a community?
Is it the spirit of people?
Is it the buildings
Or the regular gatherings?

It’s all those things and more!
Community is an army of amazing volunteers
Making a difference in libraries and
The Jo Cox House
Improving Batley train station,
Our parks and more

Community is about people coming together as one:
United by a cause, such as tackling loneliness
Or an interest, such as knit and natter group
Or an event, such as the Run for Jo team

It’s about community gatherings whether
As large as Batley Vintage Day and Batley Festival or
As small as the meeting of 2 people from different backgrounds
Whether organised, or a chance meeting in the street

Community is about heritage and legacy
The businesses employing generations
The buildings rich in history and
The people raised, mourned and remembered by a community

What makes a community
Is really special because
If you like it’s about
More in Common

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