‘Titles Are Hard’

by Bilal Saloo

I was once asked to write an essay on the one thing that defines us,
and if we should include those that put the milk in first,
It was truly a task to define an identity,
to find out what truly made us all a community,
Is it the way we dress? No, that’s not the same,
and our favourite colours all have a different name,
It can’t be food, unless you all love spinach,
or cartoons that tell you it’ll make you ‘strong to the finich’
It’s not our favourite movie or our favourite book,
nor our fictional heroes or real life crooks,
Is it what we do for a living? Or the phones in our pockets?
Or whether we watch football, rugby or cricket?
Is it where we were born? Or the way we talk?
Well, I guess not, if it can be as different as cheese and chalk,
Maybe It’s how we view the world? How we’re part of it?
looking for pockets of hope in every corner of it,
How we wish to leave the world, better than when we graced it,
to dismantle the hate and the anger, take an eraser to it,
Maybe the thing that defines us is not what we have or how we look,
but how we help one another in times bad and times good,
How we share what’s different and celebrate what we have in common,
To be the beacons of light, so our world is brightened.

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