by Baldrick

Sometimes the knife twists
Or the pill
Is the bitterest
Or the path has snapped
And you find yourself back
At the beginning
The mind is convoluted
Thoughts shaken and jolted
Memories that made you smile
disappear for a little while
The one’s for so long you had
Now bring tears and make you sad
And your mind embarks upon
What went wrong?
Stabbing heart
And torn apart
Flashing thoughts
Keep spinning round
And disappointed
And for now
Your life seems halted
Trying to keep your dignity
Hiding from others
Your misery
Never realised
The night could last this long
Convoluted sleep
Tossing and turning
Wishing and yearning
Wake with a start
Fast beating heart
Waking alone
The dream has gone
But thoughts and memories
Lingers on
Your mind is convoluted

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