This Once Sacred Space

by Mohammed Barber

The time of the bi-annual pilgrimage again
Scores of men descend and break their abstain

On this day of merriment and feasting
To the dead they extend a greeting

Stood beside the grave, saying a prayer
An age old ritual, a solemn affair

This is a sacred space
A quiet place


But ringing through new Armani pockets
Searing the silence like old exploding rockets

And creating no less a racket
Phone calls from Mr so and so

Faced with green and red
The swipe between right and left

The choice is a choice
Answer, reject or avoid


Catch up on the latest gossip
Or account their latest profit

Conversations sound above the graves
In little self contained enclaves

Though the dead we have laid to rest
Their peace we also have wrest

Across this earth once sacred
Respect is stripped bare naked

Into this once sacred space
Has bled the human rat race

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