Tears of Blood

by L. Parker

Why is there so much hate in this world, people everywhere?
What makes us any different when we breathe the same air.
We talk about peace, but think about hate.
I don’t even need to elaborate. 
Religious values should bring prosperity and humility, so why is it
used for persecution, discrimination and immorality!
So much history of killing each other, yet we call mankind our sister
and our brother.
What is it that we want to achieve? How much more blood should we spill
to believe.
There is no land left on earth not tainted since birth. Is all this
pain really worth the gain. When will we realise that our hearts beat
the same song. How do we live in a world where there is so much injustice
yet we play along.
When will we stand together and make a start, how much more tears should i cry from my broken heart.
When will this war come to an end, there must be a solution to
What are we waiting for? Killing, rape, and so much more. So much hate,
we can all relate.
How will we make our people see?
When all that is left will be you and me…


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