by Mohamed Saloo

Sundials viewed with a torch held high

A breath of depth and a glint in the eye

The tick and the tock, or digital glow

Minutes count down till seconds only show

A stretch of the fingers, keyboard in place

Mouse set to hover – phone set to race


And then it begins, by the fall of a flag

Tweets post-a-plenty with a Batley hash-tag

Re-tweets and favourites flash by in bulk

New friends and old friends bash like the Hulk

Of Biscuits and mattresses, scouring the land

A Palmer by Robert and a Laurel called Stan

A pupil at Grammar; J Priestly for true

The Railway Children – we’re keeping them too!

And benches industrial, and engines for fire

Timeline in meltdown on approaching the wire

A stake in the blueprint of the NHS

I didn’t know that…I must confess

But then the shadow of a dial shows top

The tweeters of Batley stroll to a stop

Yet worry ye not! By the clock on the tower

Every Thursday, 7:30, is Batley’s Hour!


A final note, just something to share


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