Then Silence

by Mohamed Saloo

A howl breaks through
the rustling leaves
on a darkened night
in the patch of trees
of branches bare
where colour’s lost
a footstep falls
on a crunch of frost.

Eyes they stare
while ears perk
the thought of evil
in the darkness lurks
a footstep noise
out of time
that footstep wasn’t
one of mine.

The fog encircles
the roots of trees
a path forbade
from what I see
a speedy haste
panting loud
a tried escape
to safer crowd
The howl yawns
a volume raised
stomping through
the midnight haze
a growl omits
my adversary
horror erupts
inside of me

A faster pace
a yearn to sprint
branches dangle
and weeds they sting
a frightened yell
leaves these lungs
I crash into
a carcass hung

Legs give in
a fall in speed
a cry of terror
the sweat release
the slip that follows
a crash to ground
the sight of horror

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