More In Common

by Graeme Rayner

Here in Batley and Spen we’ve a diverse community
Regardless of race, religion or background you get no immunity
From overcoming the problem as part of the solution
As we all join as one in our home’s evolution
As our very own Jo said, we’ve far More in Common
Some want to divide us but united we’ll stop ’em
At the Run For Jo we’ll all be together
Whether walking or jogging, or full hell for leather

At the Great Get Together, we’ll share lunch and dinner
And so much tea and cake you’ll be much less thinner
Batley, Birstall, Heckmondwike, Cleckheaton
And all over Spen, you’ll see our spirit unbeaten

With unbreakable Yorkshire spirit and heart
Our love of God’s Own Country, sport, and the arts
A fresh brew to drink, and good food to eat
We know that when we’re together, it’ll “be reet”.

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