Those Unsung Special Folk

by Mohamed Saloo

T’was the day before New Year
In a magical little town
Where lived a flock of volunteers
Who worked the year all round
They hurried from one event
To a function placed elsewhere
The hours and the days they spent
For their hearts had the courage to dare

From the Festival and Vintage day
To a very Big Iftar
The garden and the market square
That filled up wide and far

Poets in the library
Catherine at Bagshaw
A Choir from the Community
Bulldogs thrashed the score

At Wilton and at Staincliffe Parks
The Library’s got one too
The railway station lights up the dark
Thanks to the Friends of groups

Tireless companions who leave with food
To answer a homeless call
A Food Bank crew in jolly mood
Down behind old town hall

Fun days with stalls in community hubs
Spread throughout the town
Gifts wrapped up and things in tubs
Inviting the neighbours round

Talented locals rule the stage
Sensational in their style
Vocal chords in full rage
All with a Batley Smile

Kitchens kindly providing soup
Whilst toilet rolls build a wall
Sporting clubs and community groups
Too many to mention them all

A willing desire with dedication
A feeling warm and solemn
Driven by friendship and elation
For we have more in common

So to all those unsung special folk
Who tirelessly give their time
Who hide beneath a modesty cloak
Gratitude, I share in rhyme

Thank you from a grateful town
To whom you bring a smile
Batley is happier to have you around
To share the memories you pile

Remember these words to inspire you more
Lend an ear if you kindly would
You’re diamonds glistening in a splendid awe
Inspirers of the greater good.

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