I Started Running Last Monday

by Bilal Saloo

I started running last Monday, as miserable as it was.


Stood, wearing my cap to keep my hair all back

and black trainers on my feet,

I pulled on a T-shirt from the drawer,

proudly showing it’s folded crease.


Waiting for a lull in the dull grey clouds,

dripping rain gave way to streaks of sunlight

I took my chance and ventured out, stretching

I focused my mind on my attainable sights.


Starting with a walk, I looked at my watch,

at exactly 10 O’clock, I started running,

Legs striding, arms pumping, heart beating,

breathing steadily, confidence growing, easy…


for 20 metres. There was an ache within my chest

as I struggled to catch my breath, gasping,

Legs cramping, arms flopping, heart vibrating,

blood rushing almost at bursting point, dizzy,


A stitch in my side, a pain in my back,

globules of sweat pouring from my skin,

pain in my shins and under my cap.

I stopped running last Monday, at 10:01am.


I trudged home a failure, with aching feet,

and lay flat on the nearest thing next to the door,

tired, exhausted, and weak, waiting

to return to normal once more.


I started running last Wednesday.


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