Unrequited Love

by Krinza Momin

I know how exactly love looks like!

Love wears uniform.

Love has fair skin.

Love has messy hair.

Love has deep voice.

And a perfect smile.

I know what exactly love do!

Love rides a bike.

Love miss classes.

Sometimes bunk school.

And sometimes look at me too.

Unfortunately, love graduated from school.

Love stayed away for years.

Love vanished.

It disappeared.

But love suddenly came to my way, again.

I saw love standing there chattering with a group of boys.

Love stretched.

Love grew.

Love changed.

Now love don’t wear uniform.

Love is big now.

Love is grown up.

Love made new friends.

Love is busy.

For that, now I know how exactly love feels!

As if there’s light, wind and wine to make a perfect party.

Like an orchard in spring.

Like a music to the song.

Like a shadow deep enough to make me fall.

I might have gone to love with feet so cold to make a step

And move my hands up in the air

With the gravity to share

And tap to his shoulder.

But I was nervous and shy

Maybe scared and little dead inside.

So instead,

I took one brief look on the shadow of love.

Turned around and walked away.

Because love never knew,

that I loved.

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