Bart And Bob

by Mohammed Barber

There once was a man called Bart
And he liked a good old fart

With baked beans and chips every other day
It’s no wonder people stayed away

But he did have one mate
Who lived on the same estate

He was called Bob
Who had a reyt big gob

When he’d open his mouth to speak
You’d end up listening for a week

Both together in the same room
Was enough to send anyone to their tomb

And with breath as bad
Enough to drive anyone mad

They created quite the fume
Not what you’d call a spring bloom

Both In front of the telly
They sat equally smelly

Then in walked Jess
Who Bart wanted to impress

He thought her very pretty
Not like our Bart the fatty

So to stop looking like a freight train
He decided to reverse his weight gain

He scrubbed and cleaned
Until his skin shone and gleamed

Put a ring in a new flat cap
But instead he got a slap

She was in love with Chris
And Bart did know this

Broken, he once more became a slob
Lounging with his good friend Bob

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