A Snow Day Story

by Mohamed Saloo

One little boy
Was sat with a toy
When outside it started to snow
He threw down a book
“Mummy mummy look
In the sky, it’s falling snow”

“Look at the trees
Oh mummy mummy, please
Can I go outside to play?”
“Not yet,” she told
“It’s far too cold
“When the snow stops maybe you may”

He stamped his feet
To an angry drum beat
And yelled and screamed to go
“Ok!” she said
With her hands on her head
“I’ll let you play in the snow”

“But first my love
“Where your scarf and gloves
“Your coat and wellingtons too
“Then you can go
“And play in the snow
“Just be careful in what you do”

‘A snowman I’ll make
With the fresh snowflake’
He thought as he went through the door
But then Oh dear
His eye had a tear
As he slipped on the white snowy floor

“Mummy” he yelled
“Look I fell
And my clothes are now all wet
I’m hurt and I’m cold”
He cried as he told
“Oh mummy please quickly come and get”

He came back in
Threw his wellies near the bin
And sat back down with his toy
So remember next time
What mummy says is fine
So don’t make a fuss like this boy.

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