The Day We Met

by L. Parker

You warmed my heart.
I would always think of you when we spent time apart.
Your hazy eyes and enchanting smile,
All the little things you do makes every thing worthwhile…

God has gifted us with your little presence,
You are the definition of joy in all its essence.
A feeling no person can withold,
Your little fingers and your little toes…

I would do anything for you, if I had to…

I would keep you safe,
Tucked away in a warm embrace.
I would walk across the earth,
Just to prove your worth.
I would bear your troubles all the while,
If it meant I could see your smile.
I would hold your hand every minute of the day,
But I can’t because I know you need to find your own way…
I would pray to God for all your needs,
And one day hope you’ll pray for me.
I will cherish your every word,
Because loving you is all you deserve.

Time will always pass us by,
But this promise I make is true:
Next time you open your little eyes,
Il be there waiting to meet you…

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