Knowing Courage

Mohamed Saloo

Knowing your neighbour
Whom you greeted
Turned upon you
In a dreadful night

Knowing your hometown
Where your ancestors grew old
To be told you’re a stranger
By a stranger invading your home

Knowing your teenage child
Whom you sheltered and raised
Led brutally away
For harm you could not prevent

Knowing the screams you heard
From the innocent young
Whose innocence ended
By a ruthless being

Knowing your parents old
Were shoved by gun barrels
Separated from you
By forces armed

Knowing the murder and rape
The bodies unfound
The tortures over time
From monsters of evil

Knowing the pain of memories
Breaking the silence
For justice; to live
Courage speaks out

Courage rises up
For justice they share
Memories of horror
At acts barbaric

Courage gives strength
To not forget
What happened here
Was powered by hate

Courage steps front
To unite and move
To rebuild the town
Devastated by madness

Courage stands tall
In those who were wronged
Their weakness shed
“We are all mothers”

Knowing the evil they saw
To be banished and fought
There rises within them
The strength of courage.

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