When The Story Breaks of Genocide’s Wake

Mohamed Saloo

To witness, to hear
To release a tear
From safe havens far
Of a genocide scar

Reports incoming
Of random machine gunning
Pictures of a land
Where children once ran

Coloured landscapes
Where refuges escape
Fear in their eyes
Pain in their cries

Atrocities, murder
A sister, a mother
Humanity no more
Blood soaks the floor

Bodies abused
Bullets and bruised
I cry a while
The victim a child

Stories emerge
Of an evil scourge
Mass rapes, they said
Mass graves of dead

A plea they plead
For madness to cease
The world to listen
At the painful vision

Conscience fled
As innocence bled
Hatred spread
Through politics fed

To witness to hear
To realise fear
When stories break
Of genocide’s wake.

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