Keeping Cool

Justine Young

“Mum!” they shriek
Wriggling like worms,
“We can’t stand still for sun cream,
We promise we won’t burn.
But can we play out in our pants?
That will keep us cool.
We know, no cream, no playing out,
But it’s too hot for that rule!”

“Mum!” they moan
Voices draped in heat,
“It’s too hot to do anything,
It’s far too hot to eat.
But can we have an ice-cream?
That will keep us cool.
We know, no firsts, no pudding,
But it’s too hot for that rule!”

“Mum!” they wail
With sweaty, sticky skin,
“It’s too hot for a bubble bath
We must skip getting in.
But can we get the pool out?
That will keep us cool.
We know no bath, no paddling
But it’s too hot for that rule!”

“Ok dears,” says Mummy
“Let’s all do as we please.
It’s far too hot for cooking tea
Or shopping for your treats.
In fact, I need a lie down
That will keep me cool,
I know I shop for crisps and pop
But it’s too hot for that rule!”

“I think,” announces Mummy
“In the interests of keeping cool,
I propose to give up work,
My number one new rule.
And I’m not fond of washing
When the weather is so hot.
So best stay home, no more trips,
When we’ve worn the clothes we’ve got.
And no more television,
As that just gives out heat,
Let’s turn off the X-box,
On the iPad, hit delete.”

“Mum!” they pale,
Their mouths drop open wide,
They don’t like how this is going
“Not the iPad! No!” they cry.
“Ok, my little cherubs,
Listen, here’s the deal.
When I shout ‘Boys, it’s teatime,’
You come and eat your meal.
When I call ‘Time for sun cream,’
You come and bare your skin,
When I say ‘In for bath time,’
You come and dive right in!
If you keep your end up
I will keep my cool,
And we’ll all survive the summer
Before I send you back to school!”

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