The Commuter


Another ordinary day.
Sun is high.
Sweat trickling thru one’s spine.
It’s a long road.
Getting used to it but not quietly.
This boredom hits all of a sudden.
What’s there tomorrow?
Is there anything new today?

Snap back to the routine again.
Broke and tired.
Work, work and work.
Finally, long day had gone.
You pick up the bag and head your way out.
How monotonous it’s been going on every day.
Dying for excitement and thrills.
When and how did this happen?
You sulked.
There’s only one reason why.
That familiar weary face.
Meek and exhausted.
Always in the shadows.
That enemy you’ve been battling for years.
Drowning in a pit.
How to get up?
How to stand with those frail legs?
A weakling.
To fight and survive sounds like a cliché
You must hope.
Cling on that thin red line.
It may be a rollercoaster.
It’s a choice.
Live and let die.
Live and make it worthwhile.fffffffffff

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