I Come From…


I come from pain, from happiness,
From right and wrong and in between,
I come from the persecuted, the hated,
The shunned, not allowed to be seen

I come from the voiceless, the choice-less,
No hand in their hand’s control,
I come from the restricted, the forced,
Declared worthless, undeserving of their soul,

I come from the threatened, the attacked,
With their backs up against it, for all to see,
I come from the intolerable, unteachable,
Not capable of the right for the right to be free,

I come from the humiliated, the tormented,
Mute mouths falling on deaf ears,
I come from the tortured, the violated,
Sealed mouths silent throughout the years,

I come from the survivors, the fighters,
A spark reaching out to start a flame,
I come from defiance, from struggle,
Flames of fires refusing to be tamed,

I come from the strong, the hopeful,
Protesters pressing for progress,
I come from the tough, the brave,
Courageous, refusing to be suppressed,

I come from the writers, the artists,
Intricately illustrating The Picture,
I come from the leaders, from equals,
Exploding visions of a united future,

I come from a long line of women.

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