Keep Down That Wall

Marie Niland

Sadness evident in them blue pools
You’re drowning aren’t you inside
Everything getting very heavy
Hard I know when you have pride
Silently; you try martyr on
Not drawing attention to bloodshed tears you’ve cried

Eyes red and sore; you haven’t slept at all
You look like you haven’t eaten a thing
Skin so very pale, you’re looking thin
Hair dull and lifeless, like a rose gently dying there,
Please don’t put up your wall
Always let me in darling
Remember you’ve been here before,
You came through it, you won
No matter how desperate you get
You will come through this dark into
the sun.

Just takes a while as you know from before
There’s no quick fix, you gotta get used to this
Like you did with me, from the age of three
I made it through like you, it flips.
Trust me I’m right beside you, your light,
Just while yours is getting repaired
I have light and love for us all
My darling there’s nothing I wouldn’t spare.
Don’t put up that wall.
Always let me in, you can lean on me
I understand it all, I’ll catch your fall
Soften it, prevent the horrendous breaks
Whatever it takes, just keep down that wall.

One Reply to “Keep Down That Wall”

  1. Thankyou to see your piece there in public view brings a certain element of completion and proudness . My passion is to draw & write and has only been in the last 8 months where I have accepted myself and come out. Now i hope to bring comfort to many.
    My instagram page is you will find more of me there xx Xxx marie xx

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