I Hear Your Silence

L. Parker

When my soul aches,
And my heart breaks.
When darkness overtakes me,
And Your light is all I pray to see.

When I open my eyes,
I see all that I have lost and gained,
But there is distance between us,
and I am to blame.

You are my beginning and my end,
My heart knows no language that could comprehend.
You are my guiding hand in all despair,
My soul knows no other can compare.

When I need Your comfort and Your love,
I know You will surround me from the Heavens up above.
For all the tears You have seen me shed,
And every prayer You have heard me said.

Magnificence displays in all your names,
Because Your Glory puts us all to shame.

Bless us in all the things we do,
Because we live to worship You…

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