The wind whispers the words of ghosts haunting my memory in flashes of sweet, silent clarity,
and I remember.
I remember souls reaching as waves grasping for shore
And I remember joy
I remember hearts yearning as I had never endured before
And I remember love

I remember.

I remember pain;

I hear echoes form in shadows as I walk alone; belonging to a time of pure, complicated innocence
And I try to forget
I try to forget the agony of religious intrusion
Yet I remember fear
I try to forget the confusion of unimaginable hate
Yet I remember loss

And yet I remember.

I remember defiance;

I remember defiance in blissful tear stained moments together,
I remember the separation of time and the anguish of death.
And I feel the hollow wound where we once hid in our search for truth, peace and acceptance

And still, I remember you.

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