Paper Is A Good Listener

Mohamed Saloo

Paper is a good listener
With an eloquence serene
The scrawling nib that writes
The thoughts of what I mean

Paper does not judge
Or call my sense a fool
Belittling what I say
In replies too often cruel

Paper shares my feelings
My emotions in strokes of ink
Flowing in every letter
Brewed tears fall from a blink

Paper allows my thoughts
To open like a bud of spring
On every couplet written
Is a voice that’s conversing

Paper lets opinions
Spread like a fire wild
Unleashed in words of wisdom
Is a temper once seen mild

Paper does not say
Or speak in replies bleak
When my soul fell to pieces
Weakness it did not seek

Paper is a friend
Who hears my silent tears
Of all that rises and falls
Paper is a listener that hears

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