A Community Picnic

Mohamed Saloo

He’s my dad
He’s my son
I’m full of energy
I’m all done
There’s food to be had
True that be
I’ll walk it off
It’s Gaviscon for me!

I dreamt last night
A simple dream
Of cucumber sandwiches
And strawberries and cream

I dreamt last night
A little different than thee
Of samosas in chutney
And mango lassi

I saw a picnic
With a spread of jam
Bite size finger foods
Like cheese and onion flan

I saw a blanket
By the side of a tree
And a big pot filled
With biryani

Lobster rolls, salmon slices
Prawn vol-au-vents
Potato salad, corn cobettes
What more would you want

Onion bhaji’s, tangy spring rolls
And piccalilli squares
Fried egg bread, crispy cheese balls
And a chilli sauce TO DARE

A soft to the touch
Spongy cream cake

Yellow khaman pieces
Obviously home made

Apple crumble covered
With custard sauce

Jeeru wala biscuits
Dipped in tea of course

Fried chicken pieces
Burgers in a bun
Mayonnaise chilli dip
Now that sounds fun

Like a plate full of variety
As a community we shine
When we all get together
The world becomes just fine

The differences between us
Can be appreciated instead
We’ve far more in common
As our dear Jo [Cox] said

Share a smile when passing
Be polite, let kindness flow
The stranger sat beside you
Became a friend with just hello

In these Great Get Together’s
Memories are made no doubt
We chat, we laugh, but remember
Daal is the thing to leave out.

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