Derwent Water

Suleman Hadi

Upon the Derwent I shall row
You sit in stern, and I in bow
Let’s drift away then wave by wave,
Play hide and seek in high and low.

I whisper, things I dare not say,
You blush, you smile, and look away,
Our eyes meet in waves beneath,
And this is how we play, all day.

While holding hands we walk the lakes,
We ramble breathless lost on tracks,
In wilderness we disappear,
Oh, what is there for looking back?

I wish we could for once allow,
Our wild thoughts an untamed flow,
Like waterfalls, and gushing streams,
Like dancing birds put up a show.

We did long, too long, for this dream,
For waters turquoise, woodlands green,
A little cottage by the lake,
Just you and I, nothing between.

Alas, I stand again alone!
At dusk by Derwent, awaiting dawn,
With nothing but this treasured dream,
Of you with me, on the Derwent throne.

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