The Walls Speak

Mohammed Barber

From left to right
The walls speak,
Speak with anger
The voices who have
No pen nor paper
But walls, tunnels, and trains

You won’t walk these streets
Because all you see is crime
Crime in black and white
Sprayed across the walls in a
Form you do not understand
But that is why we spray
Monet, Picasso, and da Vinci
Are the heroes I’m told
To aspire to
So give me a palette and easel
Give me pen, pencil, and paper
And I too could write
I too could sketch
I too could paint
So let me write
Let me sketch
Let me paint

Stories doesn’t need the novel
Art needs no gallery
It’s here, on these walls
Barred from prestigious entry
Keep hold of your entrance fee
It’s here, for everyone to see

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