We Will Meet Again

Anna L Fry

Can you see the silent skies
and quiet streets and haunted eyes
Have you heard the expert voices taking charge, restricting choices
Do you feel the pain of nations
Counting death in isolation.
Do you smell the cleaner air and hear the birds and hearts that care.

As you sustain enduring hope
And find new ways in which to cope
As you laugh and as you cry
And as you mourn without goodbye
And As you clap in thanks to those
Who through their fear compassion shows
As you zoom and Skype and text and wonder what will be taken next

The daily updates on tv and experts offering their expertise
To stay at home and save our lives
And homes become industrious hives
Do you take your daily air and walk your dog or bow in prayer
Do you know your neighbours now
And have you made a silent vow

To do whatever must be done
And protect the lives of everyone
To socially distance from our friends
As the government recommends
To bring the world up off its knees
And end the march of this disease
And so as one we will remain
And know that we will meet again.

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