Mother Nature’s Nemesis

Sahera Patel

Mother Earth embraces hope, in the absence of her enemy.
She smiles at our insignificance, our arrogance, the irony.
For Mother Nature flourishes, as we battle to survive,
She struts her stuff with joyous pride, as we contemplate our lives.

A respite from the human curse, and She is in her element
A blade of grass to the great white shark, man, it seems, is irrelevant.
Mother Nature will simply thrive, with the dearth of man’s delusions,
Her nemesis pushed aside by an enigmatic, grave intrusion.

Our protector is our Mother Earth, She locks in every cure
From nature’s glory, healing the soul, her irresistible allure
To providing us with sustenance, the oxygen of life
We depend on Her alone, to see through every strife.

To fight this furtive foe, like Mother Earth, we must thrive
Collective compassion, sacrifice, humanity on overdrive.

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