Jackie Darnbrough, Mohamed Saloo, Jem Tovey, Tahera Mayat, Colin Hicks, Mohammed Barber, Mark Griffin, Sophie Patel, Mohammed Variava and Bilal Saloo

A beautiful soul has left us
A legacy full of care
Wise words to teach acceptance
Spread compassion everywhere

Bringing together our differences
Can sometimes surprise us all
That which we thought divided us
May well be a uniting call

Embracing that spirit of unity,
Batley folk, of all faiths and none
Will strengthen our community
And work and play as one

Like our love of food and poetry
The Wilton park we call Batley park
Our community unites in Batley
Diverse volunteers make their mark

Togetherness is more than just a word
We’ve more in common, we should not divide
Stigmatizing others is absurd
Behind the mask, we’re all the same inside

Alone the single straw shall surely split
Bound together is where it finds its might
Wrap yourself in the weighted patchwork quilt
For all our skins feel the cold of the night

With the chatter of nature’s early risers;
The earth revolves a new spring morn;
Excited; inspired: promising more surprises
Rebirth. Reborn: my day to join

And now we stand in togetherness
Holding hands we pray for all
We fought the divided foolishness
United we shall not fall

A spirit of community we won’t forsake
Ties of friendships that won’t sever
These bonds will not break
Not now, not ever

We are not defined by our singular threads
But the woven fabric that makes the quilt
In its multitude of shades and rich deep depths
Our stories are one, our purpose fulfilled.

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