Pre-Brexit Menu – Making A Meal Of It

Mohamed Saloo

There’s a croissant for my breakfast
Spaghetti bolognaise for lunch
A Hungarian tart for teatime
Danish pastries for my brunch

Swiss chocolate is just to die for
Belgium waffles with Nutella
French fancies are angelic
German pretzels are good sellers

A strudel made in Austria
Dutch Edam for my cheese
Estonia’s splendid Rye Bread
Peri peri Portuguese

Romanian cabbage rolls
A Luscious Greek moussaka
Lithuanian beetroot soup
Spanish saffron made paella

Malta’s succulent green olives
Fried Cypriot hal-lou-mi
Bulgaria’s nutty baklava
A Sicilian can-no-li

Cinnamon rolls from Sweden
Thick and tasty Irish Stew
A haggis out of Scotland
And a creamy Welsh leek soup

A hot pot straight from Lancashire
London’s market jellied eels
Fish and chips served in Yorkshire
And that’s your Euro meal.

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