My Poetry

Sayantan Datta

I write of blue, red and green, and sometimes of yellow and grey,
Sometimes I write of fields and mountains, and sometimes of dried rivers, instead.
Some days I write of battles and wars, and other days of duels raging in my mind,
All shades, and hues, and corners and caves, you will find in the rhymes I penned.

A while back, inspired by a man in a coat, walking down the road by my window pane,
I wrote of an endless journey of no end or gain, only a path of tears and pain.
The man in the dark coat, in my dreams, came and laughed the next night,
I wrote of mysterious joys I felt, in laughing for no reason or rhyme.

Yesterday when I went walking in the forest, I saw a bird flying away,
Filled me with sorrow, someday, I wrote, all life must fly away.
I never know, today or tomorrow, what will trigger an emotion so strong,
And inspire from the cavernous, echoing heart, a memorable rhyme and song.

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