The Power of History

Fehinti Ojelabi

I once knew a man who rose above the ordinary.

Who without a doubt thought before he spoke and read before he thought

Even though he is no longer with us,

He would live a thousand years and much more;

Because As they say a reader lives a thousand years before they die.

My grandfather was not only a reader but an fervid writer.

So much so that he wrote till his fingers bled, the candles were dim , the his eyes became feeble but yet he wasn’t weary

If you’ve ever laid eyes on a man so determined that he let his fingers bleed; you’ve met a man who knows the importance of knowledge and the impact of history.

Knowledge is power and those who fear the past cannot correct the future and are condemned to repeat mistakes.

To empower a people tell them who they are, to enslave a people hide their past.

The daughter of a writer would always have the pulse of creativity with a flare for Knowledge.

The son of an honest man will always be honest.

The son of a wicked man would always have wickedness flowing in his veins.

People without knowledge of their past history and culture are like trees with weak roots

If I had known that the reason i got an A* in Literature was because it flowed through my veins I would have been more equipped.

Now that I know what I know now, what will I do with it?

Yesterday is history, tomorrow will forever be a puzzle and today is a gift from the One true God.

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