I Will Stand With You

Jem Tovey

At The Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King,
Wrote lyrics to an anthem we all should proudly sing.
It’s our character that counts, not the colour of our skin;
If we just recognise that, all society wins.
In the struggle for equality, know this to be true,
We all stand together and I will stand with you.
Islamophobia is surely fuelled by our own Prime Minister,
Mocking traditional dress in words both crass and sinister.
Innocent worshippers killed at the holiest times,
Justified as revenge for another’s terrorist crimes.
Whatever the scripture you believe to be true;
As-salamu alaykum, I will stand with you.
There’s always tasks we can perform and those we are unable,
Don’t concentrate on difference, ask what we bring to the table.
We’re all atypical really, in realms both physical and mental;
Get to know our abilities, try not to be judgemental.
I won’t ask another, what you can or cannot do,
I’ll speak to you directly and I will stand with you.
I don’t understand this prurience about another’s sexuality,
What we get up to in our bedrooms is a mere technicality.
What counts is speaking kindly and being gentle with each other,
Or respecting the choice of those who may not wish to take a lover.
Whether you’re adventurous, celibate or just can’t wait to say “I do”,
I’ll offer my best wishes and I will stand with you.

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