by Mohamed Saloo

Vimto waterfalls
Freefalling to the sea
Pink and white marshmallows
Perched upon a tree
Lime green laces
Form meadows on a hill
Flying on a unicorn
Is really such a thrill

Sugar coated candyfloss
Floating in the sky
Liquorish flavoured lampposts
Standing way up high
Parma violet tablets
Resonating purple thoughts
Strawberry flavoured lollipops
Like tulips around a court

Fizzy orange soda
Flowing like a stream
Chocolate covered boulders
Piled up in a dream
Coloured sugar dusting
A rainbow in the sky
Ripe and juicy pear drops
On branches perched up high

Darkened walls so dusty
Heavy window drapes
Reality craves the hurtful
Which is why I choose escape

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