An Invisible Enemy

Suleman Hadi

We shall remember this,
Corona has us all,
like no other enemy,
chained with invisible chains
like slaves
But walking chin up,
With a pride. Pretending,
That we still have the gall
And that,
It’s business as usual
Though we are seized by the fear
Of a very dark time
Yet walking strong and tall
We are told,
“keep away, 2 meters”
The chain’s length
From one another and all,
“Don’t shake hands”
“Don’t hug and kiss”
“Your loved ones”
“Your friends”
“Your own children”
“And the one that you adore”
Though no loudhailer hails,
Yet the invisible master
Without royal assent,
Without any decree,
The Crown is under siege,
The Palace is abandoned,
The Queen taken away,
Restricted to her keep.
But no enemy in sight!
The counsellors are baffled,
The Military at a halt,
What battle? Who to fight?
Yet many have been stifled,
the invisible enemy
A ruthless force,
The most loyal
The most clever,
Are forced into defection
Without knowing,
And armed, unwillingly
Without raising objections
A morning paper reads,
How many have we lost,
To cannons never fired,
To arrows never drawn,
The invader doesn’t care
Of our Cast and our Creed!
There is no time to mourn,
No funerals in the open
There is no time to spare
The fallen are just fallen!
No kisses no goodbyes
It is not that we don’t care!
They are, already gone!
You can see them on the tele
But inside your homes
You mustn’t leave your zones
You mustn’t disobey
Till this killer is at large,
Till the enemy is there.

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