True Faith 2020

Jem Tovey

King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes, that to everything there is a season;
It follows that in life and death, there is a purpose and a reason.
As we sow, so shall we reap; said St Paul in Galatians.
The world turns, weather changes that holds true for every nation.

Life’s cycle is universal and will always prove a test,
But are we less well equipped for this, in the culture of the West?
Have we lost sight of spiritual truths in our quest for material wealth;
Perhaps the absence of shared faith, leads to the primacy of self?

Islam requires faith and fasting; alms, pilgrimage and prayer,
Allah doesn’t burden a soul, beyond that it can bear.
Mohammed has but one name, Allah ninety nine,
If you profess Shahada, Paradise is surely thine.

In Buddhism each morning, we are born anew,
It’s said that Evil must exist, so that good can prove it’s true.
There’s reincarnation, karma and the four noble truths,
No deity, just Nirvana, of which enlightenment is proof.

The Samsara tells us that all our possessions today,
All belonged to another only yesterday.
They will belong to another as soon as tomorrow,
Meanwhile what do they bring us if not grief and sorrow?

The Guru Nanak tells us to burn love, for ink to fuel our pen.
We hope and pray for happiness, but pain steps forward then.
When we do wrong to another, we should strive to regain their trust;
Our souls are liberated, as our bodies turn to dust.

Zeno of Elea said our goal, is to live in agreement with nature,
Viruses give not a single damn for our human legislature.
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end,
We complain our days are numbered, but waste the few we have to spend.

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