So Farewell, Donald Trump

Jem Tovey

So farewell Donald Trump, you launched 10,000 memes,
And your sexual harassment prompted just as many screams.
You dismissed your foes as “Fake News” but told 20,000 lies,
Adding 50 falsehoods daily as you scoffed Big Macs and fries.

You’re the Mango Mussolini, the Tangerine Blimp,
Not a friend of any man, except perhaps your pimp.
Your pouting face a perma-sulk, your voice a tedious whine,
You make up words like “bigly” and your rhetoric’s asinine.

It’s impossible to ascribe to you a single redeeming quality,
A sociopathic narcissist, wholly lacking in morality.
If you die in a bunker, as a tribute to your hero,
It won’t be in Berlin, but on the back nine at Mar-a-lago.

Now you’re banned from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too,
Every day dawns brighter, because there’s zero news of you.
You lost the election, your business is bust, you’ve drained the mother-lode,
Melania won’t hold your hand, or even share the same zip code.

You said if you lost to Biden, you’d just have to disappear,
You missed his inauguration, which helped the atmosphere.
So if I see you in the news again, I think it would be quite cute,
If you’d please hold up a number and wear an orange suit.

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