A Poem For International Women’s Day

Jem Tovey

In 60’s America, they were urged to burn their bras;
Now in Saudi Arabia, they’re still banned from driving cars.
Mary Wollstonecroft wrote “A Vindication” in 1792,
But now in 2020, mysogyny’s still a view.

The value of a woman, in the media and online,
Is based upon appearance, not the content of her mind.
We have female engineers and Professors of linguistics,
So why do the tabloids prioritise age and vital statistics?

Women are prominent in government, science and the arts,
So why do men send selfies of their private parts?
Gender inequality is very much a state of mind,
Inside every strident chauvinist, is there a frightened boy inside?

Let’s cut out the catcalls and the conversations, graphic;
Not to mention ribald comments and shouts from passing traffic.
It’s not difficult, fellas; let’s just respect each other,
Just imagine she’s your sister, or even scarier, your mother!

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