Women Are Power

Neha Jasmine Rodrigues

To all the women out there as we step closer to Women’s day, I have a poem for you, to the person you are, remember you at beautiful and empowered.. more power to you beautiful…

We want equal rights
Shouted women
Who wanted to be equal to men
Sadly not realising
We claiming to be degraded
Coz women are special
And more powerful than men

Every human in this world
Is definitely born from a woman
Just see how important she is
And yet we say we want to be equal as men

The time has come when we realise
Each women is much higher than a man
Coz what she can do is absolutely stunning
And yes it can be done only by a woman

All work day and night
Just that few are salaried
That’s what makes women special
And not equal but higher than man..

For me women is power
Women is all that a man can’t be
So no more you need to look down on a woman
Coz she alone can make the world turn round and make us feel we live for eternity

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