Bragging Rights!

by Mohamed Saloo

Took my seat
In the Tomlinson stand
Nerves ran wild
In this new-ish fan
It’s derby day
The neighbours are here
Bragging rights
More than points are dear

Didn’t start well
As Rams scored twice
Bulldogs battled
And came close thrice
Then Manning scored
Patch kicked between the sticks
At half-time Batley trailed
Eight points to six

Second half started
With Batley on top
But Dewsbury they scored
And our shoulders drop
The lady in front
Pushed a chant out loud
Crookes scored for Bulldogs
To the joy of a crowd

A moment of brilliance
A touch away
To score what has to be
The try of the day
When Brown ran through
Then a 20-meter pass
Reittie finished off
With a slide on the grass

Cheers and roars!
We left our seats
Batley’s ahead!
We’re up on our feet
Rams couldn’t stop
Bulldogs’ will score
Brambani and Farrell
Then Reittie once more!

Go on Batley
Gave all you got
We had to beat
That Dewsbury lot
For nothing else
Then the words I write
And of course not to mention
Those bragging rights.

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