A Man’s World…..

by Sophie Patel

Definition of a woman;
Tight waist,
Hourglass figure,
Plumped up lips,
Looks great in a bikini.
Political is sexy;
but I don’t want to listen,
Feisty yet controllable
so I can tease her.
Short tight dress
but I won’t marry her;
Only a prize I can show off to my friends…
The one I will marry;
gets the cooking done,
Smart but dopey
so I can lie to her,
her body will change;
but she won’t mind,
she will do it to have my children;
skin will sag,
might even get a little chubby,
but it’s alright..
I have a B**** that’s nice to look at,
wife won’t know,
so who cares,
As long as I am happy
because it’s a man’s world!
“Mate keep on dreaming”. From all the women.

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